Atlas Paint Consultants have completely changed the way we approach our paint projects. Nico and his team have demonstrated, beyond a doubt that focusing on good paint practices, will lead to good paint results. Having Atlas on our team has made all the difference

- Mike Poulin | MY Limitless

I would highly recommend the services provided by Nico Roper and his team.  Atlas Paint Consultants always put their clients first making sure they feel comfortable with every step, providing the understanding and knowledge needed to accept or contest any finished surface handed over to the Yacht for acceptance.   From Application Specification to Final Paint Inspections, as well as all the steps in-between, Altas Paint Consultants would always be my first choice and I look forward to working with them again.

Bob Maxwell | Project Manager/Owners Team

We found them to be very helpful and their attention to detail was exceptional. Their knowledge of the systems and application was far superior to previous paint consultants we’ve used in the past. They acted solely on behalf of the vessel and in turn had a good working relationship between the Shipyard and Paint contractor. We would certainly recommend Atlas to any vessel considering paint works in the future.

- Ben Galaud | Chief Officer | M.Y. Ecstasea

ATLAS Paint Consultants  were contracted to oversee the painting application of a superior new build on behalf of the Yachts Management Company and that of a former Dutch Shipyard Owner.

During this time ATLAS Paint Consultants frequently delivered detailed and concise paint analysis reports and briefings, ensuring that only the highest standards were met and maintained throughout the paint application process ,whilst working closely with the shipyard, its in-house paint team and that of the captain.

Three years later, we continue to maintain a friendly, honest and reliable working relationship with  Nico Roper; whom we can call upon at any time should we require any technical assistance or on-site consultancy work.

I would have no hesitation in recommending ATLAS Paint Consultants to any owner, yacht captain or management company whom require a superior standard of paint quality control in addition to that of a friendly and professional all-round consultancy service”

Jason Smith | Yacht Captain

Motor Yacht HANA, a CRN 43 meter, busy charter yacht, originally built 2008 in FRP, was in need of a new complete paint refinishing from the top of the mast to the bottom of the keel. Atlas Paint Consultants were hired before we chose a yard to ensure that our repair order specification was correct and able to be quoted by yards.

Atlas sent a consultant to the vessel and together we assessed the current status of the finishes and created a project detailing our requirements. In consultation with Atlas we found a yard, and budget that was useful and fair.

At the yard, we had a meeting with yard Project Manager and Atlas to ensure that all parties understood the objective, and how best to achieve the very best finish, and also consider other works being carried out at the same time.

The project went to contract and work started – Atlas acted as quality control and also ensured that the time and cost were fair, meeting at the project every two to three weeks to ensure that we were on track to complete on time and in budget.

Personally I found Atlas to a great help in negotiations and re paint issues, and was always available for remote support via email and phone mitigating extra costs or unplanned over runs.

Once the paint was completed – the final acceptance responsibility was taken by Atlas and all warranty and maintenance issues were made clear to all responsible. Two years on we have great paint job and understand how to keep it looking like new and Atlas were able to advise how to make repairs – Not all paint applicators are the same and sometimes what appears straightforward can be very costly and time consuming – best have Atlas by your side to take the guess work out of the equation.

In summery Atlas were clear about our requirements and have the experience needed to ensure a positive outcome – working smarter rather than harder.

Captain Charles Bushell – Motor Yacht HANA – February 2017

We are very satisfied with Atlas paint consultants in the position of interim coating inspector and coach of our new in house coating inspector at IHC Dredgers.

Leo Rodenburg Manager Quality, Safety and Process innovation IHC Merwede, The Netherlands

“We contracted Atlas paint consultants to write the paint specification for the total repainting of M/S Hortense as well as to inspect the various stages of surface preparation and paint application. In my opinion the inspections were conducted in a very professional manner and the follow up reports were thorough and objective. These reports were used to evaluate the results of the painting in conjunction with the shipyard and the paint contractors. This definitely assisted us in achieving the best results possible. I would highly recommend Atlas paint consultants to boat owners, captains and shipyards requiring such a service.”

Gary Hancock | Captain

MCM contacted Atlas Paint Consultants to help work through paint issues on one of our managed yachts. There were paint failures happening on the yacht and we needed a definitive report on the cause and course of action to rectify the situation. Atlas responded quickly and professionally. Atlas produced a very detailed report of the issues. We further worked with Atlas on this same project to create the paint specification for the repair and the quality standards for acceptance. Atlas did a great job of not only creating the needed standards and specifications, but also of communicating and working with the captain, the yard, and the paint subcontractors.

Mark Dauplaise, Marine Construction Management

‘I was very impressed with Nico Roper as an expert witness. He fully understood what was required of him in a complex case involving the coating of a luxury superyacht. He provided very clear and reasoned views on the issues and met all of the deadlines without needing to be reminded. I would recommend him unreservedly.’

Mark Stubbs Joint Managing Partner

Some projects we worked on

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