Paint applications on new build and maintenance projects represent a considerable investment. Atlas is a versatile partner that can provide a full range of paint consultancy services to advise and guide on all aspects of this process. The Atlas paint consultants can work closely together with your new build or refit project team during bid stage, contract negotiations, development of paint procedures and execution of the work. This ensures all parties that correct work specifications, bid documents, paint manuals and paragraphs for implementation in the contract are developed, the correct contract partners are chosen and reasonable pricing is in place.

Our skilled paint consultants can perform different types of paint surveys. The general purpose of these surveys is to assess the condition of a paint system on an object (e.g. Yachts, bridges, petrochemical installations, oil & gas installations, etc.). Such a survey quantifies defects present in the paint system and describes them in an Atlas survey report which shows the overall condition of the existing paint system on an object. A survey report from Atlas Paint Consultants is a custom-made, carefully constructed document with extensive photo documentation for verification and explanation purposes which provides all information required for the preparation of a bid document.

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